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Grill Cake Pop Tutorial

    I am so excited to have my cake popping friend, Brandi, from Painted and Sprinkled over to give us a great Father’s Day cake pop tutorial. She’s got this easy Grill Cake Pop Tutorial to share with us. It’s AWESOME!
    Dad's are going to love these fun cake pops. This Grill Cake Pop Tutorial takes you though step by step to make a candy grill complete with burgers.

    Hello, my name is Brandi Costa, owner of Painted and Sprinkled. I began cake popping a little over 3 years ago as a way to have “me” time. I fell in love with my first cake pop! I’ve had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with many party people along the way as well as make my customer’s event’s extra special with cake pops!

    I am first and foremost a mama to a 5 year old special little boy, Gabe. My son is my hero! Gabe was born with special needs so we’ve had many bumps along our path, but he has been so strong through it all! We say to him “You are our greatest adventure!”
    I am a wife of 8 years to my beloved husband, Daniel. We dated throughout high school and still are smitten with one another. He has been my rock.
    Well, that’s me in a TINY nutshell. 🙂
    Find me on Facebook at Painted and Sprinkled, Instagram, and Pinterest.


    1. Shape your cake ball into a half circle and flatten the top by pushing down into a silicone mat.
    2. Cut a cake pop stick into thirds.

    3. Insert your 3 sticks evenly on the rounded side.

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    4. Dip your pop into the melted chocolate and set upright to dry.
    5. Mix a pinch full of red, yellow and orange nonpareil sprinkles.
    6. Squeeze some melted black chocolate in with the sprinkles.
    7. Take a paint brush and stir.
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    8. “Paint” the sprinkle/chocolate mixture onto the top of the grill.

    9. Pipe a ring around the mixture.
    10. Pipe grill rack over the mixture.
    steps%2B8 10%2BCollage

    11. Roll out some yellow fondant.

    12. Using a knife, cut the yellow fondant into tiny squares for cheese.
    13. Using an edible pen, draw grill marks onto brown M&M’s for hamburgers.
    14. Place hamburgers onto the grill using a dot of melted chocolate.
    15. Place the cheese on top of the burgers with some melted chocolate.
    steps%2B11 15%2BCollage

    And there ya have it! the perfect Grill Cake Pops with burgers all ready for your Father’s Day BBQ! Enjoy!

    Dad's are going to love these fun cake pops. This Grill Cake Pop Tutorial takes you though step by step to make a candy grill complete with burgers.
    Thanks so much Brandi! I think these pops are perfect!
    If you are in the south Florida area, and looking for cake pops, check out her page where she sells her creative pops – Like these fun lawnmower pops!
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