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Valentine’s Heart and Arrow Cake Pops

    Enjoy the love of Valentine’s Day with these delicious Valentine’s Heart Cake Pops! They make perfect goodies for Valentine’s Day parties! Show your love!

    How to shape a heart

    Shaping a cake pop batter heart is really easy.

    1. Roll the cake pop mixture into a ball.
    2. Then flatten the bottom into a V.
    3. Pinch the top into a point. This goes best with a knife or another kitchen tool like a spatula.
    4. Insert the stick, dip in coating and go on.

    Personal note: These pops were actually quite tricky to make. Adding those pretzels is a bit difficult, as they crumble easily. You need to be very careful pushing the pretzel in so that you don’t dislodge the pop from the stick and could fall off. Do not firm up your cake pop hearts too much before.

    Valentines Cake Pops-2

    I also ran into the stick inside a few times, and I had to hold the pretzels in place until the coating dried. But the effort is worth the result.

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    Valentine’s Heart and Arrow Cake Pops

    Show your love with these beautiful heart and arrow cake pops. Follow my step by step tutorial.
    Prep Time 30 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes
    Course Cake Pops
    Cuisine American
    Servings 6 pops
    Calories 220 kcal



    • Start off making your cake pop dough and shaping your pops. You can check out my Cake Pop Batter Video and my shaping hearts tutorial if your are new to cake pops.
    • Make six hearts and roll the extra dough into spheres. Place the shaped dough into the fridge on a cookie sheet lines with wax paper.
    • Make your pretzel arrows. Add a gummy heart to a pretzel stick. To make the feather end, cut away some curved tops of the heart then insert the pretzel stick. Set them aside.
    • Melt your red candy wafers. Place them into a large ceramic mug and microwave for 1 minute. Stir them up and microwave again for 40 seconds at 70% power and stir until all the wafers are melted, and the candy coating is smooth.
    • Remove the shaped cake pop dough from the fridge. Dip a lollipop stick (or straw) into the candy and insert it into the heart. Do this only if you want them on a stick. If you want to stand them up, simply add a candy dipped pretzel into the pop and use that as the “stick”.
    • Once all the pops have sticks, dip the pop into the red candy. Dip straight up and down without turning or moving the pop in the candy. Tap off the excess and wait for it to drip off. Coat the wet candy in red sugar and very, VERY carefully insert the arrow head and tail separately into the pop.
      I broke off half the pretzel before inserting it. Be careful if the lollipop stick inside the pop. Hold the pretzel rods in place until the candy is dry.
    • Stand up and complete the pops.
    • If you want them to stand up, put them onto a cake pop stand, or make a little resting spot for them on the wax paper and simply use the arrow head as your handle and dip the pop.
      Shake off the excess, sprinkle with sugar and insert the tail pretzel. Stand it up on the little spot and wait for it to dry so it doesn’t topple over.
    • Give them to your favorite Valentine! They’ll appreciate your hard work.


    Instead of canned frosting, use homemade frosting, like Chocolate whipped frosting, classic buttercream frosting, or our versatile Seven-minute frosting.


    Serving: 1pop | Calories: 220kcal

    Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.

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