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Turkey Cake Pop Tutorial from Cake Poppin’

    Cake Poppin’ is BACK! I’m so excited to have her beautiful Turkey Cake Pop Tutorial. They just turned out so cute!

    Learn how to make this cute Turkey Cake Pop for your Thanksgiving table.

    These Turkey cake pops are based on a super cute cookie design by my friend at Sweet Baketique, I wanted my Thanksgiving cake pops to have a little more cuteness this year. This little guy has so much character he’s almost too cute to eat! Here’s how you can create these chubby turkey cake pops at home.


    What you’ll need:

    • Cake balls
    • Cake pop sticks
    • Brown, black, red, and yellow melting chocolate
    • Orange sprinkle (any shape but I used a leaf shape)
    • Fondant in any color combination you choose
    • Mini heart cutter
    • Wax paper
    • Toothpick for details

    Step One for Turkey Cake Pops

    Step One – Roll out your cake ball and then split it into 2 pieces: one smaller piece which will be the body and one bigger piece which will be the head. Dip the tip of a cake pop stick into melting chocolate and slide the larger ball onto the stick so that it comes out the other end. Dip the end of the stick again into the chocolate and slide the smaller ball onto the stick so that the 2 are connected together

    *Special note: If you prefer doing your turkeys stick down so you can place in a bouquet or stand, reverse the sizes of the cake balls so that the smaller ball goes on the stick first and the larger ball second.

    turkey 21

    Step 2 – Dip the Turkey Cake Pops

    Step Two – Dip the cake pop into brown chocolate and let dry partially. Before it is completely dry, place the bottom (smaller side) of the cake pop on wax paper. This ensures that your cake pop dries with a flat bottom so it will be able to stand on its own (Skip this step for the stick down option). Once completely dry, add your eyes, beak, and other facial features using a toothpick, and your black, yellow, and red candy melts.

    dipping Collage1

    Step 3 – Make the Turkey Tails

    Step Three: Preparing the tail. Roll out your fondant and using your heart cutter, cut several hearts out. I used 10 hearts per turkey but you can cut less or more depending on your preference. Arrange the back layer first and using a tiny bit of water, attach the second layer and then the front layer as pictured. Let your “fan” dry for a few minutes and once it has set, attach the entire piece to a candy melt.

    tail Collage1

    Let that dry and attach the melt with the fan to the back of your turkey’s head.

    turkey 9

    Step 4 – Add the Details to your Turkey

    Step four: Use a tiny dot of chocolate to attach two sprinkles to the bottom of your turkey for feet and place a small triangle of chocolate on each side of your turkey’s body for wings.

    turkey 1

    And again, special thanks to my good friend Sweet Baketique for inspiring this adorable design. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Oh My Gosh! Jo, I LOVE these! They are so adorable and fun! They completely blow me away. Wow!
    I hope everyone has a chance to check out her FB page and shares some love with her. 

    Don’t know how to make Cake Pops? I’ve got you covered! Check out my videos along with my tips on my Cake Pop Tutorials Page.

    Gobble, gobble! This adorable Turkey Cake Pop wants to sit at your Thanksgiving dinner table. Learn how to make this Chubby Turkey now.

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