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How to Make Bumble Bee Cake Pops

Learn how to make easy bumblee bee cake pops for your bee-utiful kid’s birthday celebrations.

Buzz Buzz!

I’m trying to convince myself that I am really not going Burr Burr!

Have I told you that I HATE winter?

Hate it!

It’s so C.O.L.D! And it’s another cold day here in West Virginia.

The wind is howling and it feels like it’s 5 degrees outside.


These little bees would never survive out in the cold.

That’s why I also built them a little hive.

I was researching the Honeybee because I didn’t know how bees survive over the winter. The bees have to keep the hive at 93 degrees for the babies to survive. They keep the hive warm by exercising.

Yes, exercising.

Seems that they rapidly move their wing muscles and create body heat. They also cluster closely around each other and keep the Queen bee nice and warm.


I think I need a hive full of hot men (not necessarily sweaty men) all exercising around me to keep me warm…

Oh, wait? You think I should exercise? Yeah… I tried that… Ironically, it needs to be WARMER before I exercise again.

…and I need new running shoes…


To make these little bees, make your cake pop batter, and form balls.

Shape the bees into teardrops and use 1 1/2 cake balls to form the hives.

I used some large hearts for the wings, black jimmies for the antenna and small circle sprinkles for the eyes.

I added all the parts to the cake pop while it was still wet.

The trickiest were the antenna. I used my tweezers to help, but they still wanted to fall over.

Once they were dry, I melted the black candy and added the stripes. This was a bit difficult to get the lines straight and keep them thin.

To make the baby bees on the hive, I just got yellow M&Ms and added the black stripe and mini hearts as the wings. Super cute!

I was very happy with these little bees.

Maybe if I eat some of them I’ll warm up a bit.

It’s worth a try 🙂

Adorable little bumble bee cake pops are easy to make. Just follow this tutorial.


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