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Gumdrop Turkeys

I found this somewhere in blogland and pinned it! I thought the little Gumdrop Turkey was a perfect Arts and Crafts project for my Little Cup. While out picking up you last minute Thanksgiving ingredients at the store, stop by the candy or bulk foods section and pick up some supplies!
While my Little Cup and two other friends played, I got 3 plates of the “ingredients” ready for them to create! All the kids will enjoy this project while you slave away in the kitchen.

Here’s what you need:
8 – 10 small gumdrops in various colors
1 large gumdrop
6 toothpicks
1 marshmallow
nerds for eyes and beak
red fruit roll up
Here’s what you do:
Attach one or two gumdrops to five of the toothpicks. These are the tail feathers.
Break the last toothpick and half. This is the neck.
Attach one gumdrop to the short toothpick.
Pull off three small bits of the marshmallow and attach for the eyes and beak. 
To the marshmallow, add the nerds. 
Cut a small sliver from the fruit roll up for the hang down.
Add all toothpicks to the large gumdrop and Enjoy!

Watch the weight of the tail in the back. We had some issues with Turkeys falling over backwards. 
The girls had a lot of fun making these and I hope that you do too!

Smile and Enjoy the Moment!
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