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Happy Birthday Cake Cake Pops

PS Birthday Cake Cake Pops (62) feat PS Birthday Cake Cake Pops (33)
Happy 39th Birthday Mom!
It seems that she is turning 39, again… for the +20th time…!  Lol!
Last year, I made her a cake, but this year, she’s getting CAKE POPS!
Fun, little Cake Pops, because the are, well, fun!
Her favorite color is RED so I made them red cake pops with chocolate frosting dripping over the edges. And lets face it, we can’t have a birthday cake without sprinkles!
I hope you liked them, Mom! Happy Birthday!

To make these Cake Pop you will need 1/4 of a 9 x 11 cake and a 2 Tbls of frosting. Combine them in the mixer and then measure out 12 equal cake balls.
Wanna see a video of me making some pops? Click HERE!

2. Shape the cake balls into hockey pucks by gently flattening the top and bottom and then pinching the edges to get a sharper edge. Then place into the fridge while you melt your candy coating.

3. Melt some Candy Melts according to directions. I used less than half a bag of Red Melts. Dip the stick into the melted candy and then into the cake ball. Complete all pops. Dip the cake pops into the candy and coat completely and stand up to dry.
4. Melt some Chocolate Candy Melts. Place a 1/4 cup of melting chocolate into a baggie and snip off a tiny tip. Dip the top of the cake pop into the chocolate and then…
5.  …draw the dripping edges with the chocolate in the baggie. Work quickly and don’t let the candy harden.
6. Sprinkle tops with colorful sprinkles. Add a candle if desired. Stand up to dry.


Thursday 21st of February 2013

I love these! They make me smile just looking at them. Anyone would be thrilled to get these for their birthday!

K Coake

Saturday 16th of February 2013

A-mazing! You are amazing with what you make. Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.KC

Cheryl Kirkness

Friday 15th of February 2013

Oh my goodness - these couldn't be any cuter! I'd love to have you link up to our Family Fun Friday: And Happy 39th to your mom! :)

Kate Pop

Thursday 31st of January 2013

Karyn: those are stunning, and I can't believe how simple they were to make (as per your instructions). I put up a hat tip on my blog: Birthday Cake Pops. More cake pops, please! :)


marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings

Tuesday 29th of January 2013

my goodness these may be the cutest things I've seen in a long time! Thanks so much for sharing this at my link party :)

Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings