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Homemade Creative Christmas

    It’s the last week of school for 2016 and this mama couldn’t be happier! That means more time for Christmas fun!! Do you make a lot of your Christmas gifts, decor and treats? If you are, my hat’s off to ya! I try to find the time for it all, but never seem to accomplish much.

    There just aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. There’s always something to derail me and come the weekend, I am so tired that I  just want to veg out and relax with a good book or movie.

    Here’s 12 fun Homemade Creative Christmas Crafts and Treats that you can make at home with the family. Wrap them up as gifts, decorate your house or chill out with an Elf movie party!

    Speaking of homemade Christmas Treats, you can’t get more homemade than with your Grandma’s family recipe for cookies! Check out these easy Czechoslovakian Cookies with yummy jam in the center.

    Or enjoy a homemade Cranberry Cheesecake with a cranberry topping that was flavored with a hint of orange.

    Or, here’s a few more crafty Christmas ideas for ya!

    It's a Homemade Creative Christmas Celebration. Enjoy 12 fun ways to eat and craft your way through the holidays!

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    Susan Queck

    Susan Queck

    I'm Suzy, the baker and dessert maker behind this blog. Baking is my lifelong passion, where I find the magic in transforming basic ingredients into delectable works of art. Join me in my sweet journey of culinary exploration and celebration! More about me.

    7 thoughts on “Homemade Creative Christmas”

    1. Thanks for the party, love linking up each week. Your feature of the felt candy garland was one of my favorites from last week too! Can’t wait to make it. Hope you’re having a great week and happy holidays!

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