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How to Fix Cracks in Cake Pops

The other day I wanted cracks in my pops and did not get any… So when I made pops yesterday I recorded all the temperatures as I dipped them. I was making 12 Angry Bird cake pops so I had 5 different colors to work with. 

House temp at start 76F
House temp at end 78F
No AC. No fan. Windows open. 
Humidity (according to my personal calibration) “not too bad”

First Pops:  White Merkens at 100F and 2 pops avg 60F (right out of fridge) BOTH cracked!
Second Pops: Red Merkens at 95F and 2 pops avg 75F (one small crack where candy was inserted)
Third Pops: White Merkens with Yellow coloring 100F and 3 pops at 75F (no cracks)
Fourth Pops: Blue Wiltons at 103F and 3 pops at 76F (one small crack where candy was inserted)
Fifth Pops: Black Wiltons at 100F and 2 pops at 70F (no cracks)

From this I see that the white pops had the greatest temperature difference of 40 degrees. They were also the larger sized pops, so there is more cake expanding. I’ve experienced several occasions of cracks forming where I stick candies into the coating. I think it cracks just because it’s a weaker/thinner spot in the coating.

It’s important to take note of your temperatures and see what results you get. I think I’m going to start paying closer attention to my temperatures as I dip my cake pops. 

To see a Video on me fixing a cake pop, please see my Facebook page. I hope this is helpful to everyone!