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Funny Shark Cake Pops

    Learn how to make Shark Cake Pops at home for your family and friends. They’ll make a splash at your party! These shark cake pops as true oceanic masterpieces. Make them smiling, angry, or surprised.

    Tools needed

    All you need is a steady hand and some time. You will be rewarded with the funniest shark cake bites you have ever seen. 🙂


    How to Make Shark Cake Pops

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    Funny Shark Cake Pops

    These sharky cake pops are sure to be a hit at your party! They take a little extra work, but totally worth it.


    • Take a candy melt and use a small circle cutter to form a fin shape. Keep the piece you cut to use for the side fins. (so cut two melts even though you’ll only use one top fin.)
    • Take a candy melt and a square cutter and cut out the piece pictured, then cut the other side to form the fin.
    • Shape your cake ball into a slightly oval shape.
      Dip the candy melt fin into the chocolate and insert it on the top of the ball. Do the same with the other melts for the top fin and side fins.
    • Insert your cake pop stick gently and place on cake pop stand.
    • Make the grey colored candy melt by mixing 1 part of black candy melts with 2 parts of white candy melts.
    • Dip the whole finned pop into your melted chocolate. Gently tap off excess chocolate. Place into your stand.
    • While still wet, insert goggle eyes backwards into the pop. You can put them frontwards, but you can add your own eyeballs to them.
    • Use some melted grey chocolate melt on a toothpick and form the eyelids and side gills. Angle them for a meaner look.
    • Use melted black or black food coloring on a toothpick to draw your eyeballs.
    • Poppy Paint time!
      Put a couple of drops in a pallet and using a small paintbrush, shape the mouths and the teeths. You may need two coats.*see note


    *If paint dries in pallet, add a tiny bit of lemon extract to hydrate it. Lemon extract is also the ONLY way to clean your brush.


    Serving: 1pop | Calories: 160kcal
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