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Laker’s Jersey and Basketball Cake

    2013 04 29+Lakers+Cake1

    Well, I never claimed to be a great Cake Artist.
    But here is my attempt at a Basketball and Jersey. 
    For the Basketball, I baked my cake in a Pyrex bowl. There are “Ball Cake Molds” available to purchase, but I worked with what I had.
    It took a bit longer to bake because of the depth of it, but I kept checking until it was done.

    To decorate the cake, I tinted some buttercream orange. I reserved a half cup to make the black frosting for the lines.
    I frosted the cake and then placed it in the fridge for 30 minutes. When the frosting was dry to the touch, I took a plain paper towel and smoothed out the surface creating a flat surface. 
    I took the frosting that I set aside and added a tablespoon of cocoa to it to darken it, then I added black food coloring. I put it into a baggie and hand pipped the lines one. Trust me… not easy…

    For the Jersey, I baked a sheet cake. (The birthday boy requested a marble cake.) I simply cut off arm holes and a neck hole and tried to make it as simetrical as possible.
    I put on a crumb coat first, then added a layer of buttercream frosting. I tried to make it as smooth as possible. 
    I made a batch of Marshmallow Fondant and colored 75% of it yellow and the remainer purple. 

    2013 04 29+Lakers+Cake
    I rolled out the yellow, shaped it around the cake, then trimmed off the excess. 
    The purple accents are rolled fondant.
    To make the “Willson” and “Lakers”, I printed off two logos from the internet. For the Willson, I printed two Wilson logos and taped them together. I placed the papers on a cookie sheet and then put down wax paper on top. Using melted Candy Melts, I outlined first then filled it in.
    To try to make it smooth, I would shake the cookie sheet back and forth and that would help to flatten out the candy.
    Once the candy decals were dry, I carfully removed them and then placed them on the cake. 
    I was thrilled to hear that Willson loved his two cakes. It’s a good feeling to hear such positive feedback. 
    By the way… This was Willson’s cake from last year!
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