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Pull Apart Apple Bread

    Layers and layers of pull apart bread full of chunks of apples and covered in caramel sauce. Perfect for a fall dessert.

    Who wants a caramel apple for breakfast? Enjoy this pull apart apple bread covered with caramel for a warm apple treat that is sure to brighten up your day!Make a loaf of Pull Apart Apple Bread for a breakfast treat or a warm fall dessert.

    I love a warm and delicious apple pie. I also love monkey bread, so I figured I would combine the best of both worlds and make a Pull Apart Apple Bread loaf. This delightful breakfast is quick and easy to make with just a can of biscuit dough and a jar of Caramel Apple Lucky Leaf Pie Filling. It only takes a few minutes to prepare for a warm and comforting treat with the entire family. Seriously, why wouldn’t you have time to make this for breakfast on a cold Sunday morning?

    Or you can prepare this for a dessert treat and drizzle the top with more ooey gooey caramel! Whoa! I’m drooling all over again. What an easy way to enjoy a caramel apple without the mess!

    Ooey gooey and oh so yummy caramel sauce on top of a delicious pull apart apple bread.


    Layers and layers of pull apart bread full of chunks of apples and covered in caramel sauce. Perfect for a fall dessert.

    Easy weekend breakfasts are a must in our household – especially during the holidays when we have family visiting. I’ve also taken the ingredients to my in-laws’ place to make there. It’s so easy to make and you can get your younger kids involved in helping. There’s nothing difficult to this recipe and no need for measuring or being perfect. Zero stress!

    It also makes a perfect dessert for a crowd. Gather the family together for movie night or game night and serve this caramel apple bread with a few extra napkins. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy all the fall flavors of a caramel apple!
    Everyone can grab a slice of the apple cinnamon and caramel pull apart bread. It's a breeze to whip for for the family.

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    Yield: 12

    Pull Apart Apple Bread

    Make a loaf of Pull Apart Apple Bread for a breakfast treat or a warm fall dessert.

    Layers and layers of pull apart bread with caramel and apples is a warm and comforting breakfast that everyone will love!

    Prep Time 20 minutes
    Cook Time 50 minutes
    Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes



    1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
    2. Line a long bread pan with parchment and stand it on its short side.
    3. Transfer the can of caramel apple pie filling to a larger bowl. Roughly slice the apples into smaller pieces. I just ran my knife though them a few times to cut them up. Open the can of biscuits and divide each biscuit in half to make two flat disks of dough. Place a piece of dough in the bread pan, add a spoonful of apples and top with more biscuit dough. Continue stacking the biscuit dough and apples until all 16 layers are complete.
    4. Bake for 45 – 50 minutes. If the edges start to over cook, tent the loaf with a piece of foil.
    5. Allow to cool for 20 minutes, remove from the pan and transfer to a serving dish.
    6. Warm some caramel topping in the microwave and drizzle over top for a decadent caramel apple treat.

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    1. I’m sitting at the table at my Dad and Mom’s and wishing we had bought biscuit dough at the store yesterday. lol, this looks amazing! I think I will make this when the kids come home for Christmas this year!

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