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Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

    With a few ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream, you can enjoy this Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. It’s quick and easy for a crowd!

    This Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is so easy to whip up for a fun summertime dessert. It's so much better than plain ice cream!

    Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

    This summer has been all about cooling off! It’s been a hot one, but that’s why we have ice cream right? I was seeing all of these ice cream sandwich cakes online and they looked so good covered in chocolate and caramel, but when I saw lemon ice cream sandwiches in my grocery store, I knew that Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Cake was a MUST!
    This is cake was so easy to make! You’ve got to make it before the summer is over!
    Everyone loved strawberries and lemon, so why not enjoy a strawberry lemon ice cream cake! The kids can make this for dessert.
    Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
    Recipe Type: Ice Cream
    Author: Karyn Granrud
    Prep time:
    Total time:
    Serves: 10
    • 1 C heavy cream
    • 1/4 C powdered sugar
    • 1/2 tsp strawberry extract
    • pink food coloring, optional
    • 12 Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches
    • Strawberry Syrup
    • 1 C fresh strawberries, sliced
    1. Whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form. Mix in the sugar, extract and food coloring. Set aside.
    2. Unwrap and arrange 4 ice cream sandwiches on a platter. Add some strawberry syrup and a layer of fresh strawberries. Repeat with a second layer and top it with a third layer of sandwiches. Frost the layers with the strawberry whipped cream and place into the freezer to firm up. Top with extra strawberries, slice and serve.

    If you can’t find lemon ice cream sandwiches, vanilla ones will do or sometimes they have the chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Both of those will be great.
    Of course you can always resort to the chocolate and caramel version if you prefer, but my kiddo and her friends loved this! And I have to admit that I did, too. What’s not to love? Lemon and strawberry are practically made for each other!
    This Strawberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is easy to make and so delicious! The kids can whip it up quickly while you prepare the BBQ
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    Here’s a cute little video I did while making it. Yes, I know I can’t count – I guess I was nervous making a video, and yes, I should have painted my fingernails – but I guess I was nervous about making a video. And I’m sorry about my head popping in the way – I guess I was nervous about making a video. Anyway, enjoy!
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