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A Taste of Home – Chocolate Mochi

    I have been on the Big Island of Hawaii since Tuesday night. It has been so good to be back home with my parents and now with my Sister’s family and my Brother’s family. There is now 13 people all sleeping under one roof with two six year olds who like to wake up at 6 am… 
    Before I left, I wanted to induldge in some local Mochi treats. Last week I shared some Butter Mochi, and today I am sharing some stuffed mochi treats.
    I made some Chocolate Mochi following THIS recipe. I have never made regular mochi before, but this was made in the microwave and was relatively easy. 
    Use your Sweet Rice Flour (Glutinous Rice Flour – not to be confused with wheat gluten). Add water and microwave it.

    Melt Cocoa, sugar and water and add it to the rice and water “glob”. 
    Slowly fold the mochi over and over to incorporate the chocolate liquid. It takes a while. Just keep going until it’s combined. 
    When it’s mixed, pour it into a 9×13 pan that is sprayed with non-stick spray. Sprinkle with cocoa and let sit overnight to firm up.
    I poured out my mochi into a 16×11 jelly roll because I wanted it thin.

    Flip the mochi out of the pan and dust the opposite side with cocoa. Cut and eat.

    I also enjoy mochi wrapped around other treats. One of my favorites is Strawberries. 
    Traditionally, the mochi balls have a sweet red bean paste on the inside and when the strawberries are made, they put the bean paste over the strawberry before wrapping it.
    I don’t like black bean curd, but I do love Nutella! And that’s what I used.
    I coated the strawberries in Nutella and then carefully stretched the mochi over the strawberry and pinched the ends together to close.
    Then, I tried some Mochi Ice Cream.  I could not keep the ice cream cold enough and the mochi soft enough. But it tasted good. I enjoyed it 🙂  
    If you want the real stuff, I hear it’s some in some Trader Joe stores.
    So, while on the Big Island, I can’t pass up an opertunity to go to Two Ladies Kitchen for some yummy mochi.
    We bought the Strawberry Mochi, Brownie Mochi, and some Peanut Butter Mochi
    Such a sweet ending to a great day.
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