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Back to School Recipes and Crafts

    Tomorrow is the first day of August, and I can’t believe that some schools will be headed back into the classrooms. I know that a lot more places are adopting year round schooling, but my goodness, what is happening to summer vacation? If your child is headed back already, are you happy about it? Did you get all that you wanted out of the summer break? Do you wish you had a few more weeks with them? Maybe I’m biased since I work at home and enjoy the leisurely mornings and slow pace of the summer. Our small private school was forced to start in August, but we don’t go back until the 28th and that gives me a three more weeks to enjoy the summer and lazy mornings. However, it’s never too early to start planning your back to school recipes and crafts. Here’s a few printables, fun treats, and some great DIY’s to get you back in the school spirit and ready for a great new year!

    Start planing your back to school recipes and crafts. Here's a few printables, fun treats, easy DIY's and of course a cocktail for mama at the end of the hectic day.

    Back to School Recipes and Crafts

    These fun Back to School recipes and crafts will get you and your kids ready to start a new school year and have fun doing it!

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