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Thanksgiving Nom Noms – Everything your menu will need

    I can not believe that October blew past and November is here. There are a;ready Christmas decorations in stores and in homes, Christmas songs on the radio, and the kids bugging for presents – but let’s not forget about Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year to be thankful for what you already have. I won’t be putting up Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I’ve got way too much to think about in the next three weeks – like what to bring to the family Thanksgiving dinner.

    I won’t be hosting dinner at my house this year. Instead we are going to the Grandma’s house so I have to bring things that I can easily transport – like the salad, green beans and a pie. I also volunteered to make breakfast for Friday morning, so an overnight french toast it will be! If you’re not sure what you’ll be making for the holiday, check out all of the delicious Thanksgiving nom noms that are perfect to serve to your family and friends.

    I've got all the Thanksgiving Nom Noms here for your menu. The perfect Turkey, stuffing, salad, potatoes, green beans and pumpkin pie! YUM!

    Thanksgiving Nom Noms - Everything your menu will need

    I got you covered! Find a great recipe for your Thanksgiving celebration. Try a new one or stick with a traditional recipe. Everything is delicious@

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