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Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mother-In-Law!
Happy Birthday Grandma Cookie!
(BTW – Cookie really is her nickname. It’s not just for the blog.)
I made her favorite! Birthday Cake Ice Cream – a.k.a. – Cake IN the Ice Cream!
Well, I don’t really know if it’s her favorite, but she loves cakes, she loves frosting and she LOVES ice cream.
So I figured, it couldn’t get any better if I were to combine all them into one great dessert!
I saved some edges from a cake I used for cake pops. I broke up the cake into chunks and froze them.
I also had a 2 cups of frozen butter cream that I cut into chunks.
I made my basic Vanilla Ice Cream and tinted it blue (per my daughter’s insistence).
As I transferred the  ice cream into a container, I added in some frozen butter cream and cake pieces and rainbow jimmies.

It’s important that the cake and frosting be frozen in advance. This prevents the cake from getting soggy  in the ice cream. 

Once the containers were filled they went into the freezer overnight to harden.
The next day, I made some quick ganache with some chocolate chips and cream and made some whipped cream.
Put them together and – Voila! – top it off with a cherry!
Happy Birthday, Cookie! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Birthday week! 

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