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Ikea Hack Stuffed Pancakes

This IKEA hack is the tastiest! IKEA hack stuffed pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We’re making some this weekend!

IKEA hack stuffed pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We're making some this weekend!

Ikea Hack Stuffed Pancakes

I know shopping at IKEA is kind of addicting, but some people actually go there for an inexpensive meal or to pick up a few groceries that they just can’t get at their local stores. I love going though the small food section and looking for new and exciting snacks and food to try. I love the IKEA Chokladkroknt Bredbar chocolate spread with little caramel pieces, so I filled some pancakes with it for some IKEA hack stuffed Pancakes!
Basic Pancakes stuffed with chocolate cream filling from IKEA. Amazingly chocolaty!
Pancakes with a layer of IKEA CHOKLADKROKANT BREDBAR filling in the middle. It's the tastiest IKEA hack out there!

Do you enjoy pancakes for easy dinners? Sometimes when we are sort on time for dinner and I really, really don’t want fast food, I’ll whip up a quick batch of pancakes. My daughter loves pancakes for dinner. Heck, my daughter loves pancakes for every meal!

Honestly, I love breakfast for dinner. Bacon and eggs at night are quick and easy to make. We also enjoy some island favorites like rice and scrambled eggs with some Portuguese sausage. That’s a special treat because I can only get the sausage in Hawaii.

Something I haven’t made in a long time is french toast. I need to remedy that ASAP!

Chocolate stuffed pancakes with melted chocolate drizzled over top. Totally decadent and totally worth it!

These chocolate stuffed pancakes are so indulgent and so yummy! The whole family will love these pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What is your favorite breakfast food to eat for dinner?

Ikea Hack Stuffed Pancakes


  • Your favorite Pancake Batter – from scratch or from a box
  • 1 C IKEA chocolate spread


  1. Make your pancake mix and heat your skillet. Add a 1/3 cup of pancake batter to the hot skillet, add some chocolate spread to the center, cover with 1/3 cup more pancake batter. Cook, flip and serve when ready.
  2. Heat up some chocolate sauce in the microwave at 50% power and serve over the pancakes in place of syrup if desired.


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These chocolate stuffed pancakes were the best IKEA hack I've ever seen! The kids are going love this fun weekend breakfast!
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