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Nutty Bar Pops Giveaway!

    Peanut Butter Week – and A Giveaway!
    First, I’m going to show you how I made these delicious Little Debbie Nutty Bar Cookie Pops!
    Then I’m going to let you know how to WIN them!

    Mmmmmm…. peanut butter Nutty Bars…. drool….
    Break up the Nutty Bars in a halves or thirds to fit into a food processor.
    There is no need to add anything to the Nutty Bars! 
    Let the food processor run for 30 – 45 seconds to break up all of the cookies. The texture will look a bit gritty, but the moisture from the peanut butter will hold a ball shape just fine.
    Measure out with a Tablespoon or a cookie scoop, or you can eyeball a 1.5 inch dough ball.
    Roll smooth, place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, cover with wax paper and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.


    Melt your chocolate candy wafers in the microwave or a double boiler.  Don’t get them too hot. Three 30 second intervals in the microwave at 60% power. Stir, stir, stir allowing the chocolate to melt slowly.

    Dip 1/4 inch of a lollipop stick into the chocolate and then insert it into the cookie pop. Stand them up in Styrofoam to dry on the stick. Dip the pop straight down into the chocolate ensuring that the entire pop is covered and pull straight up. Do not twist or roll the pop in the chocolate; you’ll risk the pop falling off the stick. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off and then stand up in the Styrofoam. The pops will dry very quickly. To see pictures of the dipping procedure, click here. 
    PS+Nutter+Butter+Tutorial+055Once they are all dipped, melt a handful (about 20) peanut butter flavored candy melts in a baggie. Leaving the bag open, microwave for 20 second intervals at 60% power. Massaging baggie until all is melted. Snip the very point of the baggie off and seal the top. The size of the hole will determine the size of the lines. Add lines or swirls to decorate the pops.  If your house temperature is less than 80 degrees, these will be fine in a container on the counter. Of course, you can always place them in the fridge for a little extra snap.

    Now for the Giveaway! 
    A Dozen (12) Nutty Bar Cookies Pops sent to you by me! 
    Open window between NOW and October 2, 2011 at 10 PM (EST)
    Giveaway CLOSED
    Simply leave me a message with your favorite Little Debbie Snack! 
    Let me know if you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter
    OR leave your e-mail so I know how to contact you!
    The Winner will be selected using and announced on Monday Morning! 
    Good Luck!
    Added: If you are having problems adding a comment, please send me an e-mail
    [email protected]
    Please make Nutty Bar Giveaway the Subject
    I’ll add you to the list! Thanks for your patience. picked #30!! Brandi Kelly – I have a dozen 
    Nutty Bar pops with your name on them!



    Thanks Little Debbie!
    YTB! (You’re the Best!)
    Happy Creating!

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    Karyn Granrud

    Karyn Granrud

    I'm Karyn, a mom and wife, and I founded this little baking blog. Baking and making desserts have been my passion since I was a kid. I love experimenting with different flavors and sharing delicious recipes with all of you. Read more.

    49 thoughts on “Nutty Bar Pops Giveaway!”

    1. We love nutty bars around here! Hubby takes them to work everyday!! and sometimes he says, HEY!!!, who ate all my nutty bars???? .. umm., and everyone says,.. Not me! LOL.. hahaha, he knows better!! I would love to try your Nutty Bar Pops!!! You are SO creative!!! I have you on Facebook!

    2. I love them all but my favorite has to be the NUTTY BARS! The more peanut butter and chocolate together, the better!! YUM!

      I have you on my facebook! I check it every day for your latest creations.

      Linda Henderson

    3. I'd have to say the Nutty Bars are my favorite – weren't they Nutty Buddy bars back in my day? I also liked the little single white frosted cakes. Love all of your ideas, Karyn! Tonia

    4. Nutty Bars!!! Anything with peanut butter is my favorite!!! Please enter me in drawing…I follow you on facebook!!!! Looking forward to more great cake pop ideas…your the bestest!!

    5. So awesome! My daughter loves Fudge Rounds, but I love Nutty Bars…and will be making these cute little cake pops this weekend!
      I follow you on Twitter (@thatdealdiva)


    7. Nutty Bars are my favorite. My husband doesn't like peanut butter so I don't have to fight with him for them. However, my grandchildren come to my house after school and I have a problem. I am going to make these pops for them. If they have the pops maybe I can keep the bars for myself. I follow you on facebook.

    8. Nutty bar is my all time fave, they are delish when they are a tad cold too! I follow you on fabulous book..LOL. also known as Facebook

    9. Well, I just love Nutty Bars!! I follow you on Facebook after I stumbled upon your blog using Stumble Upon. Im going to start making pops, and yours are a great inspiration!! 🙂

    10. I have to say my favorite are the peanut butter ones with the cookie in it. Not sure what they are called. I wonder if those could be made into cake pops. Love your ideas. You inspire me. Have a blessed week. Happy baking!!!

      I like you on FB. [email protected]

      April B

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