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All American Oreos

Grab the kids and three boxes or Oreo cookies to make these fun All American Oreos. Triple stuffed is the best way to enjoy Oreo Cookies!

This summer, dig into some All American Oreo Cookies with these Red, White, and Blue Oreos.

Red, White, and Blue All American Oreos

It’s getting HOT!! Are you ready for summer?

Have you been dieting for the past month getting ready to put your suit on and head off to the beach or the pool? If so, then this post is NOT for you!
I’ve “SUPERSIZED” these Oreos just for the 4th of July! That’s right, these All American Oreos are packed full of Red, White, and Blue creme fillings!
You see, I’ve been holding on to these red Oreo since Christmas. Christmas people!
I was going to make a Valentine’s Day treat with them… but that didn’t happen.
They got shoved to the back of the cabinet because I didn’t want my family to eat my precious red Oreos. Some would say that I have a slight food hoarding issue… but I was saving them for something SPECIAL!
And the 4th of July is pretty special to us Americans! It’s a day to celebrate with a Barbecue. Family. Food. Friends.  There’s no diet on the 4th of July!
Which is why these triple stuffed Red, White, and Blue Oreos are perfectly acceptable!
I mean really, what other day of the year are you going to get away with such excess?
There’s a Red filling layer!
There’s a White filling layer!
And, there’s a Blue filling layer!
This summer, dig into some All American Oreo Cookies with these Red, White, and Blue Oreos.All sandwiched between those yummy Oreo cookies.
BYW – You’ll have TONS of leftover cookie “shells” to use for a pie crust.
Or, add them to ice cream. Or make a parfait.
Don’t worry, you’ll see what I made with them on Wednesday 😉
Not sure how to make them without the Winter Oreos? Pick up a bag of the new Strawberries and Cream Oreo Cookies. They are half white, half red and they taste pretty good.
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