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Chocolate Won Ton Roses

    These Won Ton Roses were intended for Valentine’s Day. I made them and thought I was so clever. I saw Rose Won Tons filled with traditional crab filling here and thought I would be clever and fill them with chocolate instead. I followed her great pictures and thought I did a great job!
    I was excited, so I sent my Mom a picture of them… And her reactions was …. well… maybe you can see for yourself what she saw…

    Here’s what you need:
    Won Ton Wrappers
    3&1/2 inch cookie/biscuit cutter
    1&1/2 inch cookie/ biscuit cutter
    1 egg + 1 tsp water for an egg wash (mix together in a small bowl)
    Large pot full of oil
    Chocolate – I used Dove Dark and Dove Peanut Butter


    Here’s what I did:

    I took my little won ton wrappers and cut large 3&1/2 inch circles and made 5 little circles for each large circle.


    The large circle creates the base of the rose and the smaller circles make the petals.

    If you are familiar with making fondant roses, this will be easy for you.


    I placed the chocolate in the center of the large won ton circle and wrapped it up sealing it with the egg wash.


    Add a small circle and another circle and another until all 5 small circles are attached and it looks like a rose.

    Use the egg wash as glue to hold the wrappers in place.

    (Are you starting to see what my mom saw?)

    I tried a few with a marshmallow as well, and that did not work too well. The oil is just too hot and the marshmallow just turned to mush inside.

    When you have the oil heated up to 375 degrees F, gently add 3 to 4 roses to the oil and allow them to cook for a minute or so. These cook up FAST!

    Remove with a slotted spoon or one of those bamboo wire skimmer spoons (can’t figure out the real name).

    Place them on a plate with several pieces of paper towels and allow the excess oil to drip off.

    PS+Won+Ton+Roses+010Wait for the oil to come back up to 375 before adding the next few won tons.

    I probably have too many in this this picture, but, it all worked out.

    Once they were cooled off, I added some powered sugar and dug in!

    I really liked these little treats. They were best when warm. Then again, anything fried tastes best warm. 
    I liked them, even if my mom thought they looked like lady parts 😉
    These would be a fun (and inexpensive) Mother’s Day Roses treat. The kids can help make the roses, but don’t let them near the oil! Please supervise them around the Napalm! 



    I link up to party HERE!

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