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Easy Halloween Fudge

    Grab the kiddos and head to the kitchen to make this easy Halloween Fudge. It’s made using just two ingredients and a child’s imagination to bring them to life!

    Easy Halloween Fudge - Made with two main ingredients and then use your imagination to decorate them. Perfect for school gift giving!

    Easy Halloween Fudge Recipe

    The kiddos are going to love making this homemade candy and decorating the ghouls and goblins. Making the fudge in cookie cutters makes it easy to wrap up and give away as gifts.

    Easy Candy Corn Fudge and Halloween fudge get packaged up to deliver to friends at school.

    You will not believe how EASY this fun Halloween Fudge is to make. There are just two main ingredients and a whole lot of creativity involved. This is a fun, easy dessert that the kids can make to take to school to give to their classmates. I think that it’s so much better than boring candy bars. They’ll get enough candy bars from trick-or-treating.

    Halloween Fudge all packaged up and ready to be delivered to classmates at school. So much more personalized than another bag of candy.

    See how fun these would be to send to school! Each kid can pick out their favorite goodie and then they can keep the cutter to make cookies at home. I think it’s totally genius and the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

    The kids can totally make this easy Halloween Fudge. Just two main ingredients, some eyeball candy, and edible markers make these fun little treats.

    Your kids can decorate these anyway they like. There are no limits and no restrictions. The edible markers can be a bit finicky – just clean off the tip if it gets a little coated in the candy. Remember, the fudge is soft, so you want to “paint” on the color instead of pressing down like a pen into the fudge. I bet that the little ones can come up with all kinds of fun faces for these treats!

    Awesome idea! This Easy Halloween Fudge is poured into Halloween Cookie Cutter and then decorated! It's just so simple! Why didn't I think of that?

    You can find all the Wilton ingredients you need for this project at your local craft store or via these Amazon links.


    I have a few more FUDGE RECIPES you can try!

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    Yield: 18

    Easy Halloween Fudge

    Easy Halloween Fudge

    Make something sweet and easy with the kids. This Halloween Fudge is perfect for your goodie bags!

    Prep Time 30 minutes
    Total Time 30 minutes


    For the Candy Corn Fudge

    For the Halloween Fudge


    For the Candy Corn Fudge

    1. Line an 8x8 pan with foil and coat with non-stick spray.
    2. Pour each bag of candy melts into a separate large, microwave safe bowl and divide the condensed milk between them - about 4.5 oz of milk per bowl.
    3. Microwave the yellow bowl first for 30 seconds on high. Stir the mixture then heat again for 30 second son 70% power and stir until smooth. Let it sit for 5 minutes to continue melting if there are still lumps. If you need to heat some more after 5 minutes, only heat for 20 seconds at 70% power. Transfer the melted yellow candy to the pan and repeat the process with the orange and candy corn layers.
    4. Top the candy corn layer with some real candy corn and fun Halloween sprinkles.
    5. Set aside to firm up for an hour.

    For the Halloween Fudge

    1. Prepare a large cookie sheet with foil and coat with non-stick spray. Arrange the 18 cookie cutters on the tray.
    2. Mix the two bags of Bright White Candy Melts with the can of condensed milk in a large, microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir until smooth. Heat for another 30 seconds at 70% power and stir until smooth. Wait 5 minutes for all lumps to completely melt.
    3. Carefully spoon in the melted candy into the cookie cutters. Fill a little less than halfway. Occasionally tap the tray on the counter to help the fudge settle into the cutters smoothly. While still wet, add candy eyeballs and sprinkles if using.
    4. Allow to dry overnight.
    5. Decorate with the edible markers.

    To make goodie bags

    1. Cut long strips of the candy corn fudge and then cut into triangles to create actual candy corn fudge.
    2. Place a cookie cutter fudge on to a treat cup and place it inside of a fun pumpkin treat bag. Fill up with some candy corn fudge and seal.
    3. It's perfect for school treats!

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