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Peeps Bubble Gum Ice Cream

    PEEPS & Company was generous to send me some samples of their new Bubble Gum and Lemonade flavored PEEPS. All opinions are my own.

    While I was growing up, one of my favorite things was to go to 31 Flavors and get an ice cream cone. There was only 1 rule. NO BUBBLE GUM ice cream! 
    It only took one visit for my mom to instill this rule. You see, my brother and I had a competition to see who got more pieces of gum in their ice cream. It was quite a disgusting site for my mother and the other partons at the shop, but my brother and I didn’t care! We were totally gross and it didn’t bother us one bit!
    But… when Dad would take us… there were no rules… 
    Oh, to be a kid again and enjoy some Bubble Gum Ice Cream.

    Thanks to the wonderful magicians at Peeps, there is now Bubble Gum flavored Peeps.
    This is so amazing!

    Now, I don’t have to be the mom with the “rules” and I can give my daugher some Peeps Bubble Gum Ice Cream.
    This was so easy to make and a lot of fun to eat!
    I also dressed up the sugar cone with some fun pink candy and sprinkles.

    Be sure to check back on Wednesday for another Peeps post and a Peeps Giveaway!
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    Now, go and enjoy some Ice Cream!

    Peeps Bubble Gum Ice Cream

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    by Pint Sized Baker
    Prep Time: 24 hours
    Keywords: marshmallow ice cream

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    • 2 boxes of Bubble Gum Peeps
    • 1 quart gallon Vanilla Ice cream
    • Sugar Cones
    • Pink Candy Melts
    • Pink sprinkles

    For the Ice Cream

    Cut up Bubble Gum Peeps into small pieces and arrange them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 2 hours.
    Soften Ice Cream in a large bowl and add frozen Peeps. Stir well to combine the ice cream and Peeps. Work quickly so the ice cream doesn’t completely melt.
    Place a piece of plastic wrap over the ice cream pressing out any air bubbles and place the bowl into the freezer overnight.

    For the cones

    Melt 1/3 of the pag of pink candy melts according to the instructions. Dip the cones into the candy and tap off the excess and add the sprinkles.
    Place cones on a sheet of wax paper to dry.
    When ready, scoop your ice cream into cones and enjoy your “gum-free” Bubble Gum Ice Cream.
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