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Strawberry Jell-o Love

    Simple, fast, easy! These Strawberry Jell-o Love are perfect for kids lunches, snacks for after school, or even for a Valentine’s Day party!

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    Simple, fast, easy. Straight to the point!
    Send some love in their School Lunch box this week!
    Large box of Strawberry Jell-o
    1 1/4 cup boiling water
    non-stick spray
    cupcake pan
    Cored, sliced Strawberries
    PS+Love+Jell o+(2)
    Boil water and pour over Jell-o waiting for tit to completely dissolve.


    Spray cupcake pan with some Non-stick spray.


    Pour into cupcake cavities and lay strawberry slices on top. Press down to cover the fruit in the gelatin.
    Place in the fridge for 2 hours.
    Pop out of the pan and store in containers for school lunches.
    I used my mini bunt pan and got 9 molds.
    My daughter LOVES these in her lunches!



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